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Obama legalizes slaughter of horses

Obama signs into law the horrific practice of horse slaughter!

Only days ago it became law to allow the return of the violent slaughter of horses within the USA. (See links to several news articles within this post.)

How is it that it took only three congress people to push this wreched law through. And the president, who was out of the country at the time, quickly signed the bill by “auto pen” to fast track the bill into law.

One question that comes to mind: What’s the big rush to get this bill signed into law, that it couldn’t wait a few days till obama returns from his trip. They (Congress) have been sitting on dozens of other, urgent matters, holding them over year after year, and not making a bit of progress. Yet, they rushed this bill through that would escalate the torturous murder done against our friends, the horses of America. It is estimated that soon there will be upward of 300,000 horses brutally killed each year in slaughter houses across the USA.

As posted in the “Howling for Justice” article “Thanks to Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter is Again Legal in the US”:

“In a bipartisan effort, the House of Representatives and the United States Senate approved the Conference Committee report on spending bill H2112, which among other things, funds the United States Department of Agriculture.  On November 18th, as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama signed a law, allowing Americans to kill and eat horses. Essentially, one turkey was pardoned in the presence of worldwide media while in the shadows, buried under pages of fiscal regulation, millions of horses were sentenced to death.”

Friends, I have news for you: There is nothing sane or humane about the all-out war being waged against the horses of America. The question haunts me daily: “WHY is this happening?  And WHY would anyone want to deliberately destroy these beautiful living beings. I just can’t figure out why!

In the article on Technorati “Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption”:

“… as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama signed a law,  allowing Americans to kill and eat horses. Essentially, one turkey was pardoned  in the presence of worldwide media while in the shadows, buried under pages of  fiscal regulation, millions of horses were sentenced to death.”
Read more:

What must we do? Here are some ways to help stop the senseless slaughter.  

Letters, emails, postcards, phone calls, FAX, occupy, whatever it takes to make a difference for good, and stop the insanity that would otherwise wipe out millions of innocent living beings, in the most horrific and brutal way.

Nothing short of victory for the horses will be acceptable. Nothing less than stopping the insanity of slaughter and shipping to slaughter of the horses. And nothing less than stopping the insanity of the roundup and removal of the wild horses and burros from their freedom in the wild. We can’t stop or slow our pace, or the evil plot against the very icons of freedom will be gone in short order.

 In the article on Straight From The Horses Heart, “For the Horses – Occupy Obama’s Fax and Phone line” letter to the president: 

Will you listen to the majority in this country or to very small group of people who make money from the sale of horse flesh? Do you care that American horses are filled with drugs that make them unsafe for human consumption? Do you realize the absolute horror equine go through on the road to slaughter?

This is no time to be faint of heart. We must upgrade our urgent appeal to the president and to congress. Email, mail post cards, phone, and Fax and never, never, NEVER give up until horse slaughter in the USA and the transport of American horses to out-of-country slaughter houses is banned.

**How to help STOP the slaughter of millions of American horses: CLICK HERE to view the Action Plan page.


Stand Against Slaughter of Horses

EDITORIAL: Stand Against Slaughter of Horses

by Sue Charles. 12-2-2011

Nothing in the entire process of slaughter of horses is decent, humane or even remotely SANE. The whole process is violent, brutal and the most inhumane act of brutality that could be done against another living being. It makes me sick just to think about it, so I won’t go into the bloody torturous details. Also many of the other industries who make vast amounts of money on horses are abusive and cause them to suffer huge amounts of agony and pain. All of these are abhorrant! To use ones power to cause suffering and pain on another living being is NEVER okay! And to do this for monitary profit is even worse!

Regarding the slaughter industry – Horses were NEVER meant to be food, and there are far more reasons than we can list at this time for that.

And then there’s the fact that NOBODY deserves to suffer such horrific and torturous treatment – especially the innocent and the powerless, and those who have contributed so much to BENEFIT humankind, without ever benefiting anything for themselves.

Some who claim it’s the same as cow, pig, sheep or chicken are dead wrong! Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, fish were designed to use for food. (Check that info out in one of the oldest pieces of history.. called the Bible.)  In addition, Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens were NOT used since the beginning of time to faithfully labor, serve as strong and reliable transportation, be ridden into war, or work along side humans to build livelihoods, travel vast distances, settle countries and explore continents. All those for the benefit and often to profit the humans, and never a benefit to themselves.  But, Equine (horses, burros and mules) HAVE! And we OWE them better than abusive, torturous treatment, violent death, and to be eaten. It’s DESPICABLE to ignore their great contribution to humanity and SHAMEFUL if we don’t treat them, at the very least, with some human decency.

There is currently something very sinister and evil going on in the form of all-out war to harm and destroy the Equine of the Americas – both wild and domestic: horses, burros and donkeys.

There is NO good reason or justification for the deliberate killing off of the equine. The unjust reason is to satisfy the greed of people who profit big from the slaughter industry. Remember folks… YOUR tax dollars are used to help make a huge profit for others who don’t care how they amass their fortunes – even when it’s by the blood and suffering of the innocent and the powerless.

The way the world is going.. someday people will wish the horses were back, because they could be our only mode of transportation. But, it may be forever too late if the equine holocaust continues. (Unless you, who say their are all the same, are going to ride your pig, sheep, cow or chicken to town and back.  Just saying.)

In conclusion, it is nothing but the insanity of blood-thirsty greed that drives the evil people to be party to the torture and killing of horses – or any living being.

It is said, and I believe it, that the greatness of a nation can be measured by how they treat their innocent and defenseless. The USA is rapidly becoming a nation lacking the value of life, and thinking in terms of “disposable” living beings. This is leading down a very dark path – one which could be the complete destruction of a nation that once was a beacon of hope to the world – where every living being had a chance.

By Sue Charles
(c) Dec. 2, 2011

Here’s how to help:

Go to Action Plan 2 page: CLICK HERE to help STOP the  violent slaughter of America’s horses.

Government Wisdom

The wisdom of Government agency, BLM (Bureau of Land Managemt) proves they are dumber than a rock. 

Get a load of this Horseback Magazinearticle about  “The Summit of the Horse” Meeting  where .. 

“BLM Director, Bob Abby  was a keynote speaker at the summit which stated its primary purpose was to make horse slaughter for human consumption legal in the United States.”    

The article continues.. “Last year the BLM squandered its entire $63 million Wild Horse and Burro Program budget on massive roundups of horses the agency holds in captivity enriching private landowners for their upkeep. Last year Congress increased that budget by $12 million. Prior to captivity, the horses cost the government nothing living in freedom on the 245 million mostly vacant BLM lands.”  …  In 2008, a plan to kill thousands of horses to relieve the agency of their expense was leaked to the media causing outrage among horse lovers and the general public alike. 

Leave it to a government agency to spend millions of dollars to capture horses which then they say are a burden to feed and care for and therefore must be killed. If left in the wild… they were no cost and no trouble to anyone.

SMARTEN UP BLM! You are daily proving yourselves to be DUMBER THAN A ROCK.