Heart for Horses

Anyone who has a heart for horses…. or any living being, for that matter… This page is for you: “STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S HEART”. http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/ 

It has a wealth of information, news, and documentation of real life happenings. Please… read articles, view photos & videos, and work with us to HELP SAVE the few remaining Wild Horses from certain extinction. We MUST work to SAVE the Wild Horses and Burros FROM BRUTAL ROUNDUPS & CAPTIVITY that 40,000 have already endured, & more will soon if we don’t act to make it STOP.  

Watch this moving video: CONGRESSIONAL APPEAL TO HALT THE ROUNDUPS  given by Ginger Kathrens, and SHARE it with everyone you know, and all your friends on Facebook and other social networks. EVERYONE needs to see this video, if nothing else is read or viewed, to understand what is happening. (You’ll need to turn the volume way UP, as the audio on the clip is rather low.  Also… Keep a box of tissues close by.)

Many people are interested, and yes, even highly concerned. But interest and concern is little help without “putting feet” to the concerns and acting on the information. There are many things that can be done.

First, become informed, to know what has occurred thus far, and to generally be knowledgeable on the subject.

Another good info resource on the topic is  Respect 4 Horses – Wild Horses” page. http://www.respect4horses.com/wildhorses.html

There are action plans and contact info within the articles on both recommended websites, and the comments below each article.

I have gathered some of the action plans and contact info from the various Wild Horse resource pages and compiled them on this site. You can find them on the HOW TO HELP” page. More will be added there as we find them, with new and updated info floating to the top of the page.

It is going to take all of us to make a difference in saving the Wild Horses and Burros. It will take us all to force accountability and responsibility by the government agencies whose job it is to PROTECT the wild horses and burros. Instead of protecting, they have become corrupted with greed and use such unmerciful brutality in their methods it makes one sick to witness it. Any normal person will be sickend by it.  

And then there are the BLM contractors who are so callous they stand idly by, without any interest or concern, as horses are terrorized, tortured, paniced, trampleing each other, and trying so hard to reunite with their family members that they ultimately suffer broken necks and are left to die the most painful, agonizing death… as their family members watch in horror, unable to get to their side for what little comfort they could offer.

The contractors have the cold-as-steel hearts of serial killers. They have no concern for the pain, terror and long term trauma they deliberately put the horses and burros through. They actually make sport of terrorizing them with helicopters, running them to sheer exhaustion – and some actually to death, then, if still alive, ramming them with the helicopter skids, over and over again. They get up next to a downed horse or burro, and apply kicks and punches to the head and body. They rope and drag them by the neck or by a leg over rocky terrain, never minding the pain and trauma the animals are suffering. The mares are run so hard they miscarry the foals. The foals are run so hard over rough terrain their soft hooves are worn completely off and many die agonizing deaths. Others are left to suffer for days, then are shot.

When 125 horses DIE in one round up operation… shouldn’t THAT be an indication of brutality?? One would think so. Yet, the BLM and their court buddies have ruled “no abuse”.

We know that, for every brutality that is video and photo documented, showing the criminal abuses and killings of the horses and burros, there are hundreds of other incidents of brutality and killings that were not documented because the public was banned from the area, and the cold-hearted contractors consider all that as normal events of day. 

Please, can some one tell me… exactly WHAT malicious thing did the horses and burros do to deserve such criminal abuse??

They did NOTHING – That’s what! Absolutely nothing at all did they do, to harm anyone or anything. They did nothing to merit the violence and deliberate cruelty they are suffering daily. In fact NO living being deserves such horrendous and deliberated acts of violence. NO ONE!  

I could scream when I think of this… and then to think of the 9-11 terrorists and others who have, and still do, plot to harm, and put such dreadful harm on Americans and others, killing people in the most horrible ways…  and yet the law prevents them from being ill-treated in the very slightest way. Hmmm… they are killing our people, and THEY are PROTECTED. 

And here we have the innocent horses and burros, WHO HAVE DONE NO HARM TO ANY PERSON OR THING… and they are brutalized over and over again…. while the PERPETRATORS are PROTECTED… they see nothing wrong. Even the courts say there has been no undue abuse.

It curdles my brain! It is all backward when the violent abusers and killers are protected, and the innocent ones continue to be brutalized and killed… under the protection of the law!!!  


(Okay… End of rant… for now.)

2 responses to “Heart for Horses

  1. Unfortunately when you join the ranks of horse warrior you will have many a day of screaming. There are many days when you think I cannot do this any more. But we are the only voice for the horses. We can chose to turn our backs to the crisis, the horses cannot. The horses die if we do not stand together and make a loud noise and demand answers to our questions, even if this takes us into the court of law. Every action you take is noted somewhere. During one lawsuit the BLM stated that they had over 2,000 responses to their public comment period and yet the petitioner was not one of them. So they obviously do have our information. Perhaps someday that information will become meaningful, even if it seems as if it is not now. So rant and rave, cry on other advocates shoulders, kick the wall but continue on, the horses need you. I believe that once you hear their hoofbeats they gallop into your soul and you can never turn away, you are forever changed.

  2. Thank you Morgan, for that good insight and counsel. You are right. I can never stop until they are all saved.
    I appreciate every person standing up to protect and save the wild horses and burros. It sometimes feels like we are trying to stop a runaway train with a fly swatter. I guess we need bigger (and many more) “fly swatters”. As we all work to help in every way we know how, I pray it will bring BLM and any other heartless perpetrators of harm to a screeching halt. Until that time, we can never give up.

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