Animal Shelters with “kill lists”

Discussion pertaining to animal shelters who have Death Row lists and regularly kill animals shortly after they arrive. WHY do they kill so many healthy and adoptable animals??? Please also see related links below the discussion.

Dedicated to our Silvi boy. RIP

Advocacy for animals who have been captured, found, or owner surrendered to animal shelters  can be such a heartbreaking effort. Being geographically far removed from the “kill shelters” listed online, where scores of needy animals are scheduled to be killed within a few hours of posting their need, I’ve been un-successful in adoption of the ones I tried so desperately to save. It is heartbreaking because I wish that we could save vast numbers (okay, all of them) and help them find good, safe, loving forever homes.

It is crushing to see the Death Row lists posted each evening, then spend hours (sometimes all night) posting and sharing, with hopes and prayers to save as many as possible – only to find that up to 90% have been killed anyway. It makes no sense, and I have been searching for answers to the dilemma.

Several recent articles state that law violations and bogus kill orders are commonplace on animals who are clearly healthy, fit and very adoptable. In my opinion, to expect “transparency” of these rogue outfits falls short of ACCOUNTABILITY in the business of “Animal Shelters”, “Animal Care and Control”, and what-ever name they may be doing business as.

Let’s be clear.. they ARE businesses who do in fact make a profit – even though their business license and description states they do business as “non-profit” or 501C3.

Many seem to operate their business in a way that will take the least amount of effort – meaning they kill large numbers of animals who come in, some within a few hours of their arrival, simply because they don’t want to bother with them.

ACCOUNTABILITY is what we want, and MUST have, from animal shelters, animal care services, and animal control entities. This is crucial when they accept federal funds, grants from privately or publically funded foundations, or they do fundraising to collect public monies and support. This is of particular concern when it turns out their main management process is to kill large numbers of the animals they are supposedly there to help and protect.  

When business is conducted in secret with a thinly veiled pretense of “transparency” yet they are clearly operating with LACK of morality or ethics, and in violation of the law, they must be held accountable for their actions, and their use of funds.

Ethics and accountability seem to be in short supply on so many levels of business and government. However, as Citizens, we would be irresponsible if we did not expect, and demand the practice of ethics and accountability on all levels. The lives of the innocent and defenseless are depending on people like us to demand the changes that will give them an equitable chance to live and be properly cared for.  

There is a strong parallel in the “Kill Shelters” and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) who uses millions of tax dollars to violently round up, trap, and remove Wild Horses and Burros from the public lands the law designated for them to live wild and free, and be protected. Far too many horses and burros are violently and purposely killed every year, mares forced to abort their foals, and young foals run so hard and far that their hooves are diminished to shreds, and they die from the wounds, and countless numbers are secretly trucked across the borders into Mexico and Canada to be brutally slaughtered – all to the financial benefit of the BLM administrators and their circle of friends. These tactics are criminal and should be treated as such. Yet they get by with it year after year.

Isn’t it high time we as Citizens demand accountability on all levels, and lawbreakers be brought to justice – regardless of their position in community or government! Nothing justifies the slaughter of the innocent!! Nothing!!

By Sue Charles
© 6-27-2012
(Learn about the author, below the links)

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Shelter Reform Action Committee – HELP STOP ACC’s EUTHANASIA “MISTAKES”

Dollars and Sense – The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control

Our sweet Silvi.. who rescued us.

About the Author: 
Sue Charles is a life-long animal advocate and activist. Her first public demonstration was at age five while attending a Rodeo. Screaming for them to “stop hurting the animals”, she was finally carried out… still screaming for justice.. and has continued in advocacy efforts ever since.

Most of her numerous kitties and pups through the past 50+ years have been rescues/adoptions.  She is currently active in several types of animal rescue and advocacy – in the “real world” and online – as much as her family’s special care needs will allow.

Besides cat and dog advocacy, the author is active in Wild Horse and Burro Advocacy, and Wolf, Bear and Fox Advocacy. She is also a mother, grandmother, and award winning documentary filmmaker. Most of all, she’s a person who passionately cares about others.

To Contact her or to comment, use the comment feature of the site.

One response to “Animal Shelters with “kill lists”

  1. Thanks for this post! It breaks my heart that so many animals die in shelters every day. I can’t even imagine one of my dogs being sent to a shelter, and it is so sad that many people don’t even care. And the horses and burros that are being killed is a horrible thing as well. Where I used to live the BLM would have horse/burro adoption days, but I was never able to adopt one because of where I lived at the time. But I think many of them did get adopted through that program, so it’s a shame that more of them aren’t given that chance.

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