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Sen. Vitter Blocks BLM Dir. Salary Increase

Senator Blocks Horse-hating BLM Dir. hefty salary increase.  

May 26, 2011

Congratulations to Senator Vitter for having the backbone to stand up and do the honorable thing!!

We, who fight the battle (at the grassroots level) to save wild horses and burros from the terror and brutality of BLM and their hired thugs / killers are thankful for the integrity shown by the Senator in refusing to allow BLM’s self-absorbed director, Ken Salazar, from becoming probably the highest paid animal abuser and killer employed by the taxpayers.

Now, Senator, PLEASE continue doing the honorable thing, and shut down the wild horse and burro killing and abusing machine completely and return the prisoners of war back to their natural habitat, AND REALLY PROTECT THEM as the law states they are promised.

Again, we THANK YOU, Senator. Keep up the good work!!

READ the Article CLICK HERE.


A new movie, soon to be released, reveals footage of BLM’s thugs busy, doing their abusive and murderous work of evil against the innocent Wild Horses and Burros of the American West.

The film entitled “Wild Horses and Renegades” exposes  corruption of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) under the watch of Bob Abby.

In fact, the BLM has been MIS-managing things for years, and the ring of deceipt and corruption has grown to epic proportions.

In Wild Horses and Renegades,

 former BLM Director, Jim Baca reveals, “Our public lands are run by the oil, mining and livestock industries and it’s their way or the highway.”

Clearly they don’t want to PROTECT the Wild Horse and Burro populations on the millions of acres of Public Lands, as is their lawful duty. The only way they can get money out of it is to spend millions of tax dollars rounding them up, and then claiming there is not enough money to feed and care for them, so they are SOLD for slaughter, or a few “lucky” ones are SOLD in Adoption programs or auctioned off.  Ever wonder where all that money from the sales goes?? It is lining pockets somewhere.

Further, the article describes the movie’s star value,

“Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Viggo Mortense, Raoul Trujillo, Daryl Hannah and Dances with Wolves author Michael Blake join with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) to highlight how the great symbol of the American West is being purposefully driven to extinction by a corrupt Bureau of Land Management.”

Watch Wild Horses and Renegades trailer, Click Here.

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Government Wisdom

The wisdom of Government agency, BLM (Bureau of Land Managemt) proves they are dumber than a rock. 

Get a load of this Horseback Magazinearticle about  “The Summit of the Horse” Meeting  where .. 

“BLM Director, Bob Abby  was a keynote speaker at the summit which stated its primary purpose was to make horse slaughter for human consumption legal in the United States.”    

The article continues.. “Last year the BLM squandered its entire $63 million Wild Horse and Burro Program budget on massive roundups of horses the agency holds in captivity enriching private landowners for their upkeep. Last year Congress increased that budget by $12 million. Prior to captivity, the horses cost the government nothing living in freedom on the 245 million mostly vacant BLM lands.”  …  In 2008, a plan to kill thousands of horses to relieve the agency of their expense was leaked to the media causing outrage among horse lovers and the general public alike. 

Leave it to a government agency to spend millions of dollars to capture horses which then they say are a burden to feed and care for and therefore must be killed. If left in the wild… they were no cost and no trouble to anyone.

SMARTEN UP BLM! You are daily proving yourselves to be DUMBER THAN A ROCK.

Heart for Horses

Anyone who has a heart for horses…. or any living being, for that matter… This page is for you: “STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S HEART”. 

It has a wealth of information, news, and documentation of real life happenings. Please… read articles, view photos & videos, and work with us to HELP SAVE the few remaining Wild Horses from certain extinction. We MUST work to SAVE the Wild Horses and Burros FROM BRUTAL ROUNDUPS & CAPTIVITY that 40,000 have already endured, & more will soon if we don’t act to make it STOP.  

Watch this moving video: CONGRESSIONAL APPEAL TO HALT THE ROUNDUPS  given by Ginger Kathrens, and SHARE it with everyone you know, and all your friends on Facebook and other social networks. EVERYONE needs to see this video, if nothing else is read or viewed, to understand what is happening. (You’ll need to turn the volume way UP, as the audio on the clip is rather low.  Also… Keep a box of tissues close by.)

Many people are interested, and yes, even highly concerned. But interest and concern is little help without “putting feet” to the concerns and acting on the information. There are many things that can be done.

First, become informed, to know what has occurred thus far, and to generally be knowledgeable on the subject.

Another good info resource on the topic is  Respect 4 Horses – Wild Horses” page.

There are action plans and contact info within the articles on both recommended websites, and the comments below each article.

I have gathered some of the action plans and contact info from the various Wild Horse resource pages and compiled them on this site. You can find them on the HOW TO HELP” page. More will be added there as we find them, with new and updated info floating to the top of the page.

It is going to take all of us to make a difference in saving the Wild Horses and Burros. It will take us all to force accountability and responsibility by the government agencies whose job it is to PROTECT the wild horses and burros. Instead of protecting, they have become corrupted with greed and use such unmerciful brutality in their methods it makes one sick to witness it. Any normal person will be sickend by it.  

And then there are the BLM contractors who are so callous they stand idly by, without any interest or concern, as horses are terrorized, tortured, paniced, trampleing each other, and trying so hard to reunite with their family members that they ultimately suffer broken necks and are left to die the most painful, agonizing death… as their family members watch in horror, unable to get to their side for what little comfort they could offer.

The contractors have the cold-as-steel hearts of serial killers. They have no concern for the pain, terror and long term trauma they deliberately put the horses and burros through. They actually make sport of terrorizing them with helicopters, running them to sheer exhaustion – and some actually to death, then, if still alive, ramming them with the helicopter skids, over and over again. They get up next to a downed horse or burro, and apply kicks and punches to the head and body. They rope and drag them by the neck or by a leg over rocky terrain, never minding the pain and trauma the animals are suffering. The mares are run so hard they miscarry the foals. The foals are run so hard over rough terrain their soft hooves are worn completely off and many die agonizing deaths. Others are left to suffer for days, then are shot.

When 125 horses DIE in one round up operation… shouldn’t THAT be an indication of brutality?? One would think so. Yet, the BLM and their court buddies have ruled “no abuse”.

We know that, for every brutality that is video and photo documented, showing the criminal abuses and killings of the horses and burros, there are hundreds of other incidents of brutality and killings that were not documented because the public was banned from the area, and the cold-hearted contractors consider all that as normal events of day. 

Please, can some one tell me… exactly WHAT malicious thing did the horses and burros do to deserve such criminal abuse??

They did NOTHING – That’s what! Absolutely nothing at all did they do, to harm anyone or anything. They did nothing to merit the violence and deliberate cruelty they are suffering daily. In fact NO living being deserves such horrendous and deliberated acts of violence. NO ONE!  

I could scream when I think of this… and then to think of the 9-11 terrorists and others who have, and still do, plot to harm, and put such dreadful harm on Americans and others, killing people in the most horrible ways…  and yet the law prevents them from being ill-treated in the very slightest way. Hmmm… they are killing our people, and THEY are PROTECTED. 

And here we have the innocent horses and burros, WHO HAVE DONE NO HARM TO ANY PERSON OR THING… and they are brutalized over and over again…. while the PERPETRATORS are PROTECTED… they see nothing wrong. Even the courts say there has been no undue abuse.

It curdles my brain! It is all backward when the violent abusers and killers are protected, and the innocent ones continue to be brutalized and killed… under the protection of the law!!!  


(Okay… End of rant… for now.)

Small herd saved

A small Wild Horse herd in Colorado is saved from BLM’s ominous plans to wipe them out.
BLM – Bureau of Land Management’s reason of “over population” of Wild Horses on Public Lands, and claims of the horses “increasing damage to natural resources” to justify their stepped up pace of roundup-and-removal process just is NOT true.

The West Douglas herd in Colorado has been in jeopardy and narrowily escaping the BLM planned extinction of them since the 1980’s.  

Thankfully, a Judge with integrity, and Animal Rights and Wild Horse advocates have managed to keep BLM from their violent and brutal plans against the herd. Law suits filed in behalf of the Colorado Mustang herd brought attention to their plight.

Advocates will not give up now. This victory is an encouraging step, however there are many more Wild Horse herds to save from BLM’s villanous plans to continue the brutal roundups and removal of all the Wild horses and burros.

That is UNACCEPTABLE! And Wild Horse and Burro advocates will not rest until all are considered truely safe from the

Desperate leap

See the photo on Grass Roots Horse HERD WATCH. Top photo where the horse, desperate to reunite with his family, flings himself over the high baracade-fence.

Second photo. Reckless contractor dangles cigarette from lips, directly over a partial bale of dry hay.

Fouth photo. Horse clearly wounded on face. Note how tightly they are packed into the capture pen/holding pet. They have been packed in there for a week. And they are planning to roundup MORE horses. Harsh weather will prevent transport of the ones they already have.

LET THEM GO… There is no need to continue rounding up and removing horses and burros. There are MORE horses warehoused in permanent (inadequate care) holding pens than there are in the wild. Yet they are on the fast track to get rid of ALL the wild horses.

These roundups and removals are so disturbing to us! How critically traumatic is must be for the horses:  torn from their home in a most brutal, terror ridden method, and torn from their family, crammed into pens, without space to move without pushing another horse over.  Their need for water and food seriously disregarded, and constantly in peril from both their captors and the eliments.

Score one for the horses

Finally, some good news on the front lines of efforts to save the Wild Horses and Burros.

It seems a diminishing herd in Colorado got a reprieve from BLM’s plan to wipe them out entirely. READ the story: “Wild Horses: BLM Backs Off Plan to Zero Out West Douglas Herd”. Habitat for Horses Advisory Council:

Now, if we could only turn back the clock so we could save all the Wild Horses and Burros and UN-do all the abuse and violence against them.

Call to Action!

A Call to Action: Stop the Stampedes NOW

Read the well written appeal in the blog article by R.T. Fitch STOP the Obama Horse Harvesting Machine.

Click Here to view. Be sure to read entire article, view the video clips, and read thru the comments.

Excerpt: “It’s a perfect time for US to gather and collectively bring this to the forefront of the American conciseness.  The BLM has been kind enough to set a date, select the venue and alert the media, let’s grab this one by the horns and make it count.  Thousands of outraged citizens making a stand before the puny self-interest group who have no more horse-sense than a shovel full of cow crap, sorry cows, it would be a day to remember.”


The corruption, cover-ups, cruelty and violence against Wild Horses HAS to STOP.

The Round-ups and Removals HAVE to STOP, NOW!

March 10th and 11th is when the bogus and horse hating BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is planning to meet in Phoenix, AZ.

Everyone needs to turn out and/or support the efforts. Do fundraisers or what ever need done to BE THERE!

I think we need to “manage” and “gather” BLM and all their thugs and hoodlums, and the greed mongers, who have perpetrated and condoned such violent and criminal actions against the Wild Horses.

After reading and viewing all the articles, photos and videos providing substantial and irrefutable evidence of criminal abuse and negligence by BLM and their thugs, if a person is not either spitting mad, or in a puddle of their own tears, they’re most likely missing vital parts – such as a heart and a conscience.


Accountability Please…

It’s just amazing to me that BLM continues their criminal activity against the Wild Horses, with seemingly no accountability.

I hope and pray that someone in the administration will stand up and do the right thing to save all the horses that have managed to survive the war against them.

Read the article: “Illness is Killing Young Wild Horses in Obama’s BLM Mustang Concentration Camps”.

2% of America…

Posted on Straight from the Horse’s Heart, the article: 2 % of America; for the Ones on whose backs We Settles it n the First Place” is an honest evaluation of the Wild Horse situation. Narrative and photos. It’s worth the read.  Insightful and informative text and appealing photos of Wild Horses.

Of the 245 MILLION acres of Federal land where horses are supposed to have free range, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) re-allocated 134 MILLION acres specifically for cattle – with no horses allowed. (WHAT is that all about??) But still, with the horses still having 111 MILLION acres… that is more than ample, giving each horse several hundred acres. Why then does BLM claim there is over population of horses.  Cattle out-number the horses by several thousand and BLM doesn’t claim thy are over populated. .

Quote from the article:

What is really scary is that it is not just our horses that are at stake. It is our wildlife, our water streams, lakes and groundwater, ecosystems, nature etc. Just like the rainforests of the world are being destroyed for their resources, so is the BLM selling our public lands for its minerals, natural gas, forage and don’t forget, water. The BLM is well on their way to turning America’s beautiful pristine wildernesses into giant filthy cattle farms scattered with mining pits, water extraction and gas pipelines. 

The facts in this article are well worth the read.

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