Government Wisdom

The wisdom of Government agency, BLM (Bureau of Land Managemt) proves they are dumber than a rock. 

Get a load of this Horseback Magazinearticle about  “The Summit of the Horse” Meeting  where .. 

“BLM Director, Bob Abby  was a keynote speaker at the summit which stated its primary purpose was to make horse slaughter for human consumption legal in the United States.”    

The article continues.. “Last year the BLM squandered its entire $63 million Wild Horse and Burro Program budget on massive roundups of horses the agency holds in captivity enriching private landowners for their upkeep. Last year Congress increased that budget by $12 million. Prior to captivity, the horses cost the government nothing living in freedom on the 245 million mostly vacant BLM lands.”  …  In 2008, a plan to kill thousands of horses to relieve the agency of their expense was leaked to the media causing outrage among horse lovers and the general public alike. 

Leave it to a government agency to spend millions of dollars to capture horses which then they say are a burden to feed and care for and therefore must be killed. If left in the wild… they were no cost and no trouble to anyone.

SMARTEN UP BLM! You are daily proving yourselves to be DUMBER THAN A ROCK.


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