Animal Cruelty Law, WA State

Animal Cruelty Laws – State of Washington

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 717. SEIZURE /ON-SITE SUPERVISION

With a warrant, law enforcement and animal control officers may seize cruelly treated animals or animals owned or possessed by someone in violation of a court order; and may proceed without a warrant if animal is in an immediate life-threatening condition.

WASH.REV.CODE § 16.52.085(1)

If any domestic animal is impounded or confined without necessary food and water for more than 36 consecutive hours, any person may enter and supply it with necessary food and water so long as it is confined. An investigating officer may remove the animals to protective custody to supply confined animals with food and water.

WASH.REV.CODE § 16.52.100

Court may order seizure of animals as a condition of bond if there are reasonable grounds to believe that animal cruelty in the first degree has occurred.

WASH.REV.CODE § 16.52.205(7)
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Abuses Inside Olympic Animal Sanctuary, Forks, WA



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