Extinction of U.S. Wild Horses, by Design

U. S. Govt. Manages Wild Horses to Extinction

Year after torturous year it continues. Even though the LAW is supposed to PROTECT them, BLM’s malicious targeting of the American Wild and Free-roaming Horses and Burros is one of the most horrific assaults on innocent living beings carried out by U.S. government SINCE the attempted annihilation of the Native Indigenous Tribes of North America! The similarities are chilling!

The government ‘s determination to drive to extinction the wild
horses and burros just never stops. It cuts to the core of American values by decimating the icon that so strongly symbolizes the spirit of America – that of strength, survival, freedom, excellence, and persistent determination.

Despite millions of phone calls, messages, emails, petition signatures, letters, demonstrations, protests, and personal
attendance to meetings – by concerned people the world over, imploring BLM to STOP their deliberate, systematic crimes against the wild horses and burros, yet BLM forges ahead, without the slightest twinge of conscience, and lacking even the smallest hint of compassion or decency. They continue to purposely use heartless and brutal methods, and they do this over and over, round up after torturous roundup, year after year… and they are NEVER held accountable for their crimes!!

(1) There is NO valid reason to interfere with the wild free-roaming horses and burros using the public lands as designated and defined by the Wild and Free-roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

(2) When left roaming and wild on the millions of public lands designated to them Wild horses and burros are self-sustaining and cost taxpayers nothing – in contrast to the MILLIONS it costs to hold them prisoner after being violently captured and warehoused for the rest of their lives.

(3) Equine left in the wilderness manage their own population control through natural and instinctive methods. They don’t need human “management”, interference or “help” when left in their natural herds and family units.

(4) Contrary to BLM’s false claims intended to vilify the wild free-roaming horses and burros, they actually help sustain and renew the wilderness areas, not harm them. Unlike cattle, equine in the wild are constantly moving over vast areas so they won’t over-graze, instinctively promoting the protection of food and water resources.

(5) BLM uses false numbers to justify their reign of terror to capture, remove, and sterilize the equine. BLM shows their malice to the horses in so many ways. One is encouraging cattle ranchers to block or contaminate water resources to deliberately kill the horses.

(6) BLM’s contract wild horse and burro wranglers use blatantly sadistic, cruel, violent and traumatizing methods in their needless roundups, specifically designed to inflict maximum suffering and torture on their innocent, defenseless victims. It’s no mistake. It is intentional. BLM knows it, supports it, and even brags about it.

(7) Millions of American tax dollars are spent annually in the barbaric roundup and removal of wild horses and burros, and spend Millions more annually to warehouse some 50,000+ in appalling conditions, intentionally cruel and  unsuitable for any living being.

(8) And then there are the thousands of equine that BLM secretly sells to slaughter for human consumption in foreign markets. There seems to be no clear numbers, since BLM hides most of their wicked deeds.

(9) Corruption runs neck deep in the affiliation of BLM with their contract service providers, politically connected cattle ranchers, other government agencies, and elected officials, all who think they are above the laws.

(10) These shocking acts of violence against the wild horses and burros impose life long suffering and distress to them, and causes the Nation who appreciates and identifies closely with equine, continued sorrow and duress, yet BLM continues their holocaust, unrestricted.

They are all in it together… government agencies and entities, congress, senate, politicians and politically connected cattle ranchers, lobbyists, and contractors for services. These despicable government schemes make the heartlessness of mobster fame seem mild and innocent by comparison.

What is it going to take to get this evil stopped before it’s everlastingly too late?? Who, with the power to demand
accountability, will do the right thing for the innocent victims of this  holocaust of America’s equine? We want ACCOUNTABILITY, and we want it NOW!

We also require RESTITUTION paid by every person and entity who did these atrocities, those who ordered or allowed it, and those who looked the other way when they had the ability to stop it, but thought more of their political careers than the lives of the innocent. The restitution collected would go to relocating the captured, warehoused horses and burros to their rightful wilderness range areas, in proper and appropriate ratio and groupings.

Full Version of Comment by Sue Charles to
Tribute to the Lost Wild Horses of Wyoming
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