Wild Horses Want you to know

“WILD HORSES WANT YOU TO KNOW” .  Beautiful slides of wild horses. Text pages and images tell the story of wild horses running free, then being chased and terrorized by helicopters, and captured. Text reveals the scheme of BLM having designs on the land for running thousands of head of cattle, and make room for Big Oil and Big Energy projects,( including  strip mining) instead of what the law stipulates – to be home for the wild horses and burros. Images prove that BLM is LYING when they say there is not enough forage or water to support the wild horses.  13 million “welfare” cattle are illegally put on the land designated by law for the wild horses and burros, with the cattle out numbering the horses 200 to 1. The cattle are fouling the steams, depleting water sources, and stripping the ranges of available forage – not the wild horses and burros. “Wild horse advocates banded together and sent a message to BLM… ‘We will not allow you to take America’s living symbol of freedom away from us!’ “  Showing images of many BLM wild horse roundup Protestors.  Nothing too graphic or disturbing.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jO-IEL0ysI&feature=related  (Facts in text among the slides with links listed at the end.)  GET INVOLVED!

Wild Horses Need You 

Sharing The News About Wild Horses and Burros   

The Cloud Foundation 

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