.. FINAL CALL. 4 months in kennel. Time is up. 5-20-2013
 WHAT IF people were treated like shelters pets are?
I’m just thinking…

. What if people were captured and thrown into small cages, in rooms full of cages holding captured people, because they were walking down the street and someone considered them to be homeless?
. What if people were put in cages when someone didn’t want them anymore, or they were old or sick or injured?
. And what if those captured people got so afraid or stressed that they lost their cool for just an instant and yelled at those holding them captive?
.  And what if they were put on the list to be killed “for snapping at staff” or for “aggression”?
. What if people who were homeless, or abandoned because they had babies, were captured? And what if the babies were taken away?
. And what if the mom was put in a cold cage, agonizing in grief for her babies, and the stress and grief got too much so she yelled at the ones holding her captive? And what if they said she had to be killed for “snapping”.
. What if people were treated just like these shelter pets are treated, and systematically killed, just for being there? Or just for displaying fear, terror, or panic in the only way a captured living being can, by some kind of aggression?
Maybe the world would be a better place if people imagined themselves in the place of the animals that people dominate, capture and kill.
. Maybe people would soften their judgments and their actions, and try to improve conditions for shelter pets, and give them more of a chance to live and be happy.

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