Olympic Dogs In CRISIS

Dogs in Crisis – Olympic Animal Sanctuary – Forks, WA.

Olympic Dogs on Sleuth Truth Project pix 3130923_dogs5

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 1

There is a LOT of material for this story, but will start here, about a month into my first knowledge of the issue. Since then I have poured many hours of research into the subject.

Below is the full text of a shorter version I tried to post on:
TRUTH SLEUTH PROJECT – “Olympic Dogs in Crisis… HELP”
PLUS Info-Links to Evidence and Petitions.
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Apparently when KOMO 4 News team out of Seattle did a story recently on Olympic Animal Sanctuary, Steve Markwell, the owner/ operator of that Endless Hell for Dogs, decided to “upgrade” the facility and ordered some new cages. Of the roughly 160 dogs held prisoner there, probably as many as 80 to 100 or more are held captive in travel crates they arrived in, 24/7 for up to SEVEN YEARS.

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 29

.. Trying to show himself as a good guy, Markwell proudly announced that with the new cages, he was able to “get rid of” six of the travel crates. Unfortunately, one of the dogs was so hungry (they all are) that he showed food aggression, Markwell removed him from a kennel and forced him to into a travel crate!! This made me want to scream!! That man has absolutely no common sense. Now, that dog is confined to a travel crate forced to live in his own waste and probably (knowing Markwell’s mentality of punishing dogs) won’t be fed for even a longer time than the usual 2 or 3 times a week. He is telling people the place is cleaned up and improved!!  And he expects the public outrage to go away. I don’t think so, Mr. Markwell!!

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 23

.. Even if he actually did let a few of the dogs out of the travel crates they have been confined to for years on end, and put them in wire cages (he calls kennels) that doesn’t change the fact he has run a prisoner of war type torture chamber of cold, darkness, hunger, thirst and extreme confinement for these many years.

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 67Even if he got ALL the travel crate dogs into the small cages he seems to be installing… (and we know he won’t) That certainly does NOT vindicate him for the years of endless hell on earth he has caused the dogs to suffer!! It does not undo the fact that he has kept them hungry and literally dying of thirst… and feeds them only 2 or 3 times a week – “food” consisting only of a raw turkey neck or handful of cow innards.

Inside Olympic Animal HELL photo 80.. If he puts them all up in the Disneyland Hotel for a week. The fact STILL remains he has held them captive in horrific conditions for YEARS – up to 7 years!

Some of the dogs were BORN THERE
!! So, what did they do that they would be punished by being held captive, in the dark, cold, hungry and thirsty,  just like the others, in small cages (he calls kennels) they can barely move around in, but certainly don’t have space to play, or get any exercise – unless you call spinning in circles all day long, exercise.

Olympic Dogs on Sleuth Truth Project pix 9

Offers have been made to adopt some of the dogs… Markwell REFUSES to give the dogs freedom and a good life. WHY??  He says it’s because he sleeps with them! (WHAT???)

.. They ALL NEED to be RESCUED to places they will be safe, cared for properly and appropriately – with proper and appropriate living space, food, water, exercise, comfort and Rehabilitation!

Markwell needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for the years of criminal animal cruelty and neglect he has inflicted on them! He needs to be Accountable for the dogs who died there – of thirst, infection, and other causes! He needs to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the years of harm he inflicted on the innocent and defenseless!!
Save these dogs and then hold him accountable. 

.. Here is another disturbing FACTOR that can’t be ignored: 
  Studies show that people who commit animal cruelty and abuse – especially on a large scale, and over a period of  years – Are VERY likely to enjoy the power they have over their victims, and will have no hesitation in harming vulnerable humans with similar or worse abuse. The abusers justify their abuse. They enjoy using their power to abuse animals and easily transfer that feeling of power to abuse of humans. IT’S ALL ABOUT the POWER. People who use their power to harm animals are VERY likely to also use their power to harm vulnerable humans. They either will soon, or already are. (Recommended book: The Psychopath Next Door)

.. It is beyond DISTURBING that the regional and national humane society and animal protection organizations , and the local, regional and state law enforcement REFUSE to step up and make this large scale animal abuse stop. It seems that none of the local, county or state law enforcement – even the governor of Washington State – will do the right thing to save the animals from that hell on earth. WHY??

.. All those who are refusing to help save the innocent victims of this large scale torture facility are, in fact, adding to the suffering and should be held accountable as well. Perhaps if they (the people who CAN help, but refuse to) got to live in small cages, in the dark, and the cold, laying and sitting in their own waste, fed only a raw turkey neck or a handful of animal innards TWO or THREE TIMES A WEEK, you can bet they would quickly understand the suffering the dogs have endured, year after torturous year! The dogs have NO HELP!! They  have NOBODY to save them from that endless hell!! Those who CAN… WON’T! And those who are fighting to save them are continuously marginalized and vilified. And the suffering of the dogs continues.

The ones of us who are trying like crazy to save them are held powerless by whatever corruption is going on in the city of Forks, and most likely State-wide! CORRUPTION on a huge scale, that traps the innocent and defenseless in continuous torture. This is just WRONG!

The WORLD is WATCHING. Of the 37,459 signatures and supporters on the four Petitions, they include signatures from around the world. This will NOT go away until the dogs are SAFELY OUT of there and into safe and proper care. Use links below for photographic and text EVIDENCE, and List of LINKS to Petitions. Please Share!

Sue Charles
Life-long Animal Advocate

OAS – life inside the sanctuary link:

If you missed the KOMO 4 News broadcast, please see it at: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Former-supporter-calls-Forks-dog-sanctuary-a-torture-chamber-224972202.html?tab=video&c=y






Ralph was born at OAS. His mother died there. He remains captive there. No place to run, play, be cared for.


Water..  those who have any – looks like this!

These are German Shepherds and Husky’s held prisoner in travel crates, in constant darkness – except for 2 or 3 times a week when they are fed: a raw turkey neck or handful of cow guts!

SEVEN YEARS this dog has been held captive in
this travel crate! SEVEN YEARS! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=459132194193795&set=a.398082886965393.1073741827.396180077155674&type=1&theater

Another prisoner – held captive in this cage for THREE YEARS!

Does anything in these police photos (from their investigation in November 2012) say that Steve Markwell has “sacrificed everything for these animals, and works hard to take care of them” as he states in his interviews? https://www.facebook.com/pages/OAS-life-inside-the-sanctuary/396180077155674

Katie (top crate) could have been out of this crate and living in much better conditions in June. Steve Markwell refused to let her go – his reason being… she sleeps with him.  Jindo (bottom crate) arrived to OAS in October 2011, and was crated upon arrival to the facility, like most of the other dogs. Didn’t Steve Markwell say he was reducing numbers? He could have released Katie (Shirley and Phoenix too) from living in a crate, but instead of allowing them a good life, he chose to make them continue on living, confined in a crate and in these filthy, confined conditions. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=471223486317999&set=a.398082886965393.1073741827.396180077155674&type=1&theater

This dog, still in the travel cage it was transported in from California almost two years ago. How can anyone think this is not abuse?

Buddy the Boxer was sent to OAS in November 2011, in our understanding, along with $3,000 so he could have a good, roomy kennel. Why is Buddy still in a crate that is clearly too small – two years later? Why does nobody use their power to help save them, instead of ignoring their suffering, and protecting the habitual abuser? This is WRONG on so many levels!

Plenty of photographic evidence of the suffering these dogs have endured for year after miserable year at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, in Forks, Washington. So why does law enforcement, and the Mayor, refuse to do the right thing, place charges, and get the dogs out of that endless hell?

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How to Help! After viewing the evidence above..
Sign and Share Petitions below. Needs to go World Wide!
LIST of PETITIONS re OLYMPIC Animal Sanctuary 10-2013
A total of 37,459 Signatures on the 4 combined Petitions.

Care2 Petition site
Olympic Animal Sanctuary Forks, Washington.
1,409 Signatures. NEEDS 591 More to meet goal.


Save the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Animals
19,833 signatures.. 15,833 OVER goal.

Expose the Olympic Animal Sanctuary – Take the Pledge
7,594 signatures. 2,594 OVER goal. 1,918 still needed.  (See below)

Shut Down Olympic Animal Sanctuary
8,623 supporters.  NEEDS 1,377 More to meet goal.

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3 responses to “Olympic Dogs In CRISIS

  1. This place has been under investigation for TOO LONG!! Shut it down!!!

  2. thank you, Suzy, for this well written article!

  3. Excellent blog! Thank you for all the information. Sharing far and wide.

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