Welcome to Heart 2 Care, where we will discuss topics of caring about and protecting the vulnerable, the defenseless, those who have no voice and advocate for their at-risk situations.

Most current, and urgent concern is for the Wild Horses and Burros of the USA. They are being rounded up in an unmerciful and brutal way; captured, many are injured and killed in the process. Those who survive the trauma of capture, suffer having their family units torn apart, they are sterilized in the harshest way, and transported hundreds of miles, hot, tired and thirsty. 

A few are “adopted”. The rest are either “warehoused” in long term holding pens, or many are sold to slaughter houses.

Those sent to slaughter suffer being crammed into huge transport trailers, enduring many hours of transport, without food, water, rest or care of any kind. Arriving at the slaughter facility, they still do not receive food or water. Many die during the grueling transport, or shortly after arrival.  The others are slaughtered in brutal and heartless ways.

Others never made it away from the capture areas alive. Many are just shot, dragged away and dumped in huge trenches with hundreds of others.

BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is responsible for PROTECTING the Wild Horses and Burros. Yet they are the ones who are wreaking havoc and rounding up THOUSANDS of them. Their own video promo documents the cruel, brutal methods they use. WATCH THE VIDEO – CLICK HERE.

Right now, over 33,000 wild horses are in holding pens, to spend their lives penned up, separated from their family units, sterilized, and having to be fed with food that is not natural to them, causing many to become ill and die. 

Can someone please explain how is  an improvement for the horses, to remove them from their home and tear them from their family units, under the pretense that they are over populating the lands (several million acres of land – I don’t think so), putting them thru unthinkable stress, trauma, and pain, and cramming them into pens and trailers and warehousing them for the rest of their lives. That is just plain sick! Any fool can see that is not in the best interest of the horses or the land, or the American people!  BLM knows that is wrong, yet they proceed, un-daunted, to subject the innocent and defenseless creatures to untold agony.

EVERYONE MUST TAKE A STAND and work together to STOP the MADNESS!!   

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