Send it Loud and Clear…

Critical Issue: SEND the message to BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Loud and Clear. STOP the Abuses of Wild Horses & Burros.

Bureau of Land Management is asking for input on “management” of public lands in Battle Mt district of Nevada. Let’s give them input, including ALL Public Lands. NO MORE roundup and removal of Wild Horses and Burros. NO MORE cattle and sheep on lands designated for Wild Horses and Burros.

Cattle and sheep are crowding out the wild horses and burros, at the expense of tax payers and the demise of the horses and burros. AND it’s raking in millions of dollars profit for the thugs hired by BLM who use violence and abusive methods to round up and remove the innocent horses and burros. It’s criminal what they are doing. Any private citizen would be prosecuted and put in prison for even a fraction of abuse the BLM is guilty of. Yet they get by with it every day.

It HAS to STOP. It will take everyone’s help to make it stop.


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