Call to Action!

A Call to Action: Stop the Stampedes NOW

Read the well written appeal in the blog article by R.T. Fitch STOP the Obama Horse Harvesting Machine.

Click Here to view. Be sure to read entire article, view the video clips, and read thru the comments.

Excerpt: “It’s a perfect time for US to gather and collectively bring this to the forefront of the American conciseness.  The BLM has been kind enough to set a date, select the venue and alert the media, let’s grab this one by the horns and make it count.  Thousands of outraged citizens making a stand before the puny self-interest group who have no more horse-sense than a shovel full of cow crap, sorry cows, it would be a day to remember.”


The corruption, cover-ups, cruelty and violence against Wild Horses HAS to STOP.

The Round-ups and Removals HAVE to STOP, NOW!

March 10th and 11th is when the bogus and horse hating BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is planning to meet in Phoenix, AZ.

Everyone needs to turn out and/or support the efforts. Do fundraisers or what ever need done to BE THERE!

I think we need to “manage” and “gather” BLM and all their thugs and hoodlums, and the greed mongers, who have perpetrated and condoned such violent and criminal actions against the Wild Horses.

After reading and viewing all the articles, photos and videos providing substantial and irrefutable evidence of criminal abuse and negligence by BLM and their thugs, if a person is not either spitting mad, or in a puddle of their own tears, they’re most likely missing vital parts – such as a heart and a conscience.



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