Judge – no injunction granted

Breaking News: The judge did not grant the injunction today, but we are filing an appeal in the 9th Circuit. Triple B Roundup will start on Saturday.”  


The 1,700 horses targeted for roundup are among about 2,200 that roam … a total of 1.7 MILLION ACRES southeast of  Elko and northwest of Ely in northeast Nevada.

BLM has plans to continue roundup and removal of the wild horses and burros… seeming determined to “manage” them to complete EXTINCTION.


This is so disheartening when the courts make such rulings concerning the lives of the innocent… actually making decisions that mean certain harm to them, and in this case… will mean unspeakable brutality, violence, and trauma to all the horses in every roundup. It is outragous – to say the very least!! 

Everyone needs to keep contacting your Congress people and Representatives, urging them to take a stand in protecting the wild horses and burros in their own wild habitat… as is stated in the law protecting them: Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/07/14/state/n143931D71.DTL#ixzz1SIx2btyz.

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Federal judge to rule on Nevada wild horse roundup
A federal judge has said he intends to decide Friday whether to grant an  emergency injunction blocking a government roundup of 1,700 wild horses in  eastern Nevada, a move that also could affect other roundups on public rangeland  across the West.

The 1,700 horses targeted for roundup are among about 2,200 that roam a series  of horse management areas covering a total of 1.7 million acres southeast of  Elko and northwest of Ely in northeast Nevada.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/07/14/state/n143931D71.DTL#ixzz1SIxDPiRE
Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/07/14/state/n143931D71.DTL#ixzz1SIwvra1y


Federal Judge allows for horse gather near Ely

“The Bureau of Land Management plans to remove 1,700 wild horses in eastern Nevada.  But opponents say that violates the Wild and Free-Roaming Wild Horses and Burros act of 1971. “

Watch the video news clip. (Please note: BLM Alan Shepherd LIES! The horses DO NOT damage the water sources or the land.)



COMMENTS NEEDED for Wyoming Wild Horses!

Excerpt from The Cloud Foundation:

With roundup season starting up again, it is imperative, now more than ever, that we all raise our voices in support of our wild horses and burros. BLM is still soliciting comments for their planned roundup in Divide Basin, a larger herd in southern Wyoming near Rock Springs.  We ask that you submit your own comments regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Divide Basin Herd Management Area (HMA). There are gross inadequacies and faulty data utilized in the scope of this EA which will come as no surprise. What is a bit more surprising is the rush to create a non-reproducing herd as an alternative, which is what they want to do to in White Mountain and Little Colorado! If a roundup is conducted this summer, the herd will be reduced to only 415 horses on over 700,000 acres with many of these horses being non-reproducers! The Cloud Foundation’s comments for this EA are available online here. Read on for a sample format! 

COMMENTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED by JUNE 20th before 4:30 PM Mountain Time.  Send by Email to DivideBasin_HMA_WY@blm.gov – With “Divide Basin EA Comments” in the subject line.

See Sample letter (but craft into your own words) CLICK HERE.


Sen. Vitter Blocks BLM Dir. Salary Increase

Senator Blocks Horse-hating BLM Dir. hefty salary increase.  

May 26, 2011

Congratulations to Senator Vitter for having the backbone to stand up and do the honorable thing!!

We, who fight the battle (at the grassroots level) to save wild horses and burros from the terror and brutality of BLM and their hired thugs / killers are thankful for the integrity shown by the Senator in refusing to allow BLM’s self-absorbed director, Ken Salazar, from becoming probably the highest paid animal abuser and killer employed by the taxpayers.

Now, Senator, PLEASE continue doing the honorable thing, and shut down the wild horse and burro killing and abusing machine completely and return the prisoners of war back to their natural habitat, AND REALLY PROTECT THEM as the law states they are promised.

Again, we THANK YOU, Senator. Keep up the good work!!

READ the Article CLICK HERE.


A new movie, soon to be released, reveals footage of BLM’s thugs busy, doing their abusive and murderous work of evil against the innocent Wild Horses and Burros of the American West.

The film entitled “Wild Horses and Renegades” exposes  corruption of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) under the watch of Bob Abby.

In fact, the BLM has been MIS-managing things for years, and the ring of deceipt and corruption has grown to epic proportions.

In Wild Horses and Renegades,

 former BLM Director, Jim Baca reveals, “Our public lands are run by the oil, mining and livestock industries and it’s their way or the highway.”

Clearly they don’t want to PROTECT the Wild Horse and Burro populations on the millions of acres of Public Lands, as is their lawful duty. The only way they can get money out of it is to spend millions of tax dollars rounding them up, and then claiming there is not enough money to feed and care for them, so they are SOLD for slaughter, or a few “lucky” ones are SOLD in Adoption programs or auctioned off.  Ever wonder where all that money from the sales goes?? It is lining pockets somewhere.

Further, the article describes the movie’s star value,

“Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Viggo Mortense, Raoul Trujillo, Daryl Hannah and Dances with Wolves author Michael Blake join with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) to highlight how the great symbol of the American West is being purposefully driven to extinction by a corrupt Bureau of Land Management.”

Watch Wild Horses and Renegades trailer, Click Here.

Leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts.


Government Wisdom

The wisdom of Government agency, BLM (Bureau of Land Managemt) proves they are dumber than a rock. 

Get a load of this Horseback Magazinearticle about  “The Summit of the Horse” Meeting  where .. 

“BLM Director, Bob Abby  was a keynote speaker at the summit which stated its primary purpose was to make horse slaughter for human consumption legal in the United States.”    

The article continues.. “Last year the BLM squandered its entire $63 million Wild Horse and Burro Program budget on massive roundups of horses the agency holds in captivity enriching private landowners for their upkeep. Last year Congress increased that budget by $12 million. Prior to captivity, the horses cost the government nothing living in freedom on the 245 million mostly vacant BLM lands.”  …  In 2008, a plan to kill thousands of horses to relieve the agency of their expense was leaked to the media causing outrage among horse lovers and the general public alike. 

Leave it to a government agency to spend millions of dollars to capture horses which then they say are a burden to feed and care for and therefore must be killed. If left in the wild… they were no cost and no trouble to anyone.

SMARTEN UP BLM! You are daily proving yourselves to be DUMBER THAN A ROCK.


The slaughter of horses HAS to STOP – whether domestic or free, whether for human consumption or not.  BLM is resorting to great lengths in their efforts to completely do away with the Wild Horse and Burro Herds – which they are supposed to PROTECT!

Please review the info on the links provided here, and others you may find … then if you would PLEASE SIGN the PETITION using the online form, and send it. For best results it is better to send email AND make a copy to MAIL directly to the representative. A strongly worded personal note may be added to the end of the petition.

The Congressional Appeal video with Ginger Katherines.

On Respect 4 Horses.com you will see several text and video info pieces that are good info-resources.

Tell your Senators : Support Burton Amendment to Reduce Funding for BLM’s Wild Horse Roundups. See the page on American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Action plan to help END horse slaughter for human consumption. Click Here for info: “2 Minutes to Help End Horse Slaughter”.

Cloud’s Herd

Ginger posted her Update on Cloud’s Herd – March 2011  in text and photos. It’s so nice to read down through the narrative, hearing about their trip and discoveries. Click Here.

View beautiful photos from previous visits, on Cloud the Stallion’s FB page, Click Here.  

There are many other new developments. Among them is, it seems clear that – whatever BLM may say at times, it is doubtful they have given up their evil plans to do everything in their out-of-control power to eliminate every single trace of the beautiful wild horses and burros.

So, the fight is far from over.

We who care about keeping the wild horses safe and free must continue, and even re-double our efforts if we are to make a difference for good – for the wild horses and burros of the Americas, and for the American Spirit of Freedom that is alive in the wild horses and burros. 

Information resources:   

Congressional Appeal to Halt the Roundups

The Cloud Foundation

Crow Elder / Historian Speaks Against Round up of Cloud’s Herd

Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Habitat for Horses Advisory Council

American Wild Horse Preservation

Saving the American Wild Horse

Film: Wild Horses and Renegades Trailer

Respect 4 Horses

Simone Netherlands – Anti-slaughter TV interview

Tuesday’s Horse

Wild Hoofbeats

Wild Horse Education

American Indian people for Wild Horses – FB page

Sign the PETITION to Stop slaughter of horses for human consumption