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Sen. Vitter Blocks BLM Dir. Salary Increase

Senator Blocks Horse-hating BLM Dir. hefty salary increase.  

May 26, 2011

Congratulations to Senator Vitter for having the backbone to stand up and do the honorable thing!!

We, who fight the battle (at the grassroots level) to save wild horses and burros from the terror and brutality of BLM and their hired thugs / killers are thankful for the integrity shown by the Senator in refusing to allow BLM’s self-absorbed director, Ken Salazar, from becoming probably the highest paid animal abuser and killer employed by the taxpayers.

Now, Senator, PLEASE continue doing the honorable thing, and shut down the wild horse and burro killing and abusing machine completely and return the prisoners of war back to their natural habitat, AND REALLY PROTECT THEM as the law states they are promised.

Again, we THANK YOU, Senator. Keep up the good work!!

READ the Article CLICK HERE.

Advocates talk back to BLM

Wild horse advocates took on the seemingly invincable BLM – Bureau of Land Management, who have made it their goal to get rid of all wild horses and burros in the most brutal and violent ways.  

An opportunity was given for advocates to voice concerns, during BLM meetings in Phoenix, March 9, 10, 11 of 2011. Key people in the growing pool of advocates attended AND  spoke to Make A Difference! Meeting was at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.

Advocates / activists appeared and expressed the concerns of thousands of like minded people who are fighting – in our own various ways – to SAVE the Wild Horses and Burros from the most dreadful plight – falling prey to BLM and their hired-thug, horse and burro abusers and killers.  We all have done everything we knew possible to stand in the gap for the wild spirits and prayed for a “break” so more could be done to STOP the rampage of brutality and death. In fact, the wild horses and buros are protected by law – supposed to be. But the fox was put in charge of the hen house, so to speak.

SPECIAL THANKS to all who attended the Advisory Board Public Meeting, and especially those who spoke, and challenged the erronous data and the brutal methods used by BLM, an offered some potential ways to better “manage” the remaining wild horses and burros. 

Among the highly qualified, respected and  knowledgable advocates to speak were: R.T. Fitch of Habitat for Horses, Simone Netherands of Respect 4 Horses, Deniz Bolbol of American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Jill Buckley of ASPCA, Elyse Gardner – Humane Observer , and Laura Leigh of Grass Roots Horse

Read more on the following links on the following sites:

Straight from the Horse’s Heart , , Grassroots Horse – Herd Watch Amerian Wild Horse Preservation Campaign ,  


It has been a little while since my last post. Have been dealing with local issues and concerns. But I have been staying current with Straight from the Horses Heart, which is an excellent resource for the most current happenings.

Please “stay tuned” to the blogs and websites recommended in LINKS, and in previous posts. Lots is happening. I will try to catch up with additional links in the next couple days. So buckle up, we will be covering a lot of ground.

One point I want to mention: we need to keep in mind what constitutes animal cruelty, abuse and neglect, whether it’s in regard to wild or domestic horses or other animals.

Having grown up on a farm, and my Dad and Grand Dad both being life-long ranchers, it was probably natural for me to just know to treat animals with kindness and respect, and that the animals are attended to first. Once they have food, water and shelter, THEN we get to go about other things. My brain can NOT grasp how anyone can neglect, abuse, or withold food and water from an animal. That is as foriegn to me as a 12 legged elephant.

Sadly, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and their hired “contractors” (thugs) have no heart or conscience, or, as my Dad would call it “common horse sense”.  They continue senseless brutality and violence against horses, and pregnant mares during the roundup of 1,400 wild horses in Northern Nevada’s Antelope complex. Voices rang out around the world to “STOP hurting the horses?”  Read the article, Click Here.

The continued blatent cruelty to the horses and burros in nothing less than criminal. They KNOW they are harming and traumatizing the horses and have no remorse or concern over it.

Read and view this information documented by Humane Observer, Elyse Gardner at the Indian Lakes Holding Facility – when they knew they were being observed, photographed and filmed. One can be SURE that, after observance was denied, matters could only have gotten worse – if that is even possible.

If these accounts of abuse don’t make you ill with concern for the horses, then you either didn’t read and view the material, or there is a serious lack of heart going on.

An echo of “WHY?” resounds from thousands of activists and advocates who are trying to stop the madness.

The article “The BLM’s Big ‘Fire Sale’ of Our Public Lands” on  the Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog gives insight on the WHY’s, and discusses the detrimental affects. In the following excerpt the question we advocates/activists are all asking:

Why is the BLM perpetuating this disaster?  When will there be a Congressional investigation into the BLM’s mismanagement of our public lands and their cruel eradication of our wild horses, which the BLM is supposed to protect?

 More info



Call to STOP Roundups

Wild Horse Advocates will be a presence at the March 10-11 Meeting of National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, March 10-11, where they will ask for a moratorium on BLM’s stampede style roundups of Wild Horses and Burros.

The efforts to stop the “bloody horse harvesting” before it’s too late and no wild herds remain will be made in person and by e-messages and postal letters.

Sound representation of the Wild Horse Advocacy will include Habitat for Horses Advisory Council and Cloud Foundation. There needs to be as much support as possible… the more in person representation the better.  

Mail comments to:

National Wild Horse and Burro Program, WO-260
Attention: Ramona DeLorme
1340 Financial Blvd
Reno, NV 89502


Event information (per the Bureau of Land Management):
The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel on 340 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Reservations for this hotel can be found by calling 1-800-325-3535

More information can be found on the BLM website here.

Speak up for the Wild Horses

The Wild Horses and Burros NEED ALL of us to SPEAK UP, to go, to call, to write letters, to say prayers.

So many are still at risk. It’s going to take a concentrated effort by all to see all the remaining Wild Horses and Burros saved from BLM’s plan to “manage” them into extinction.

Under pressure, BLM is to “reconsider” their brutal and reckless tactics and “take comprehensive look” at their wild horse “management” in certain areas.

We recently made some headway, when BLM was stopped in their plans to “Zero Out” the small West Douglas Herd in Colorado. Thanks to all the advocates who took on the powerful, out of control government agency, this was a good success. But there is more work to do if we are to save the lives of the remaining Wild Horses and Burros, whether the 28,000 to 30,000 still in the wild, or the 40,000 held in torturous captivity.

National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board two-day meeting in Phoenix Arizona, March 10-11. It is a BLM forum for discussion of a “new strategy” for the wild horses and burros.  It is needed for as many Wild Horse and Burro Advocates as can, to go in behalf of the horses and burros, for the only voice they have, is ours.  Read this page on Cloud Foundation Blog (click here) for more info, and a game plan.

All who can not attend are needed to send e-comments through the BLM website.  A Sample form is on Cloud Foundation website. (click here).  

All who can attend the BLM meeting where the public can present a defense in bahalf of the Wild Horses and Burros – please attend and make a difference for good.

Meeting Location:  Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel , 340 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Public comments held on Friday, March 11, from 9 AM to 12 PM. Those who wish to speak must arrive by 8:30 AM to register, and per BLM “must provide a written statement of the comments, which may be brought to the meeting.”  BLM’s notice of the meeting – Click Here.