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Judge – no injunction granted

Breaking News: The judge did not grant the injunction today, but we are filing an appeal in the 9th Circuit. Triple B Roundup will start on Saturday.”  


The 1,700 horses targeted for roundup are among about 2,200 that roam … a total of 1.7 MILLION ACRES southeast of  Elko and northwest of Ely in northeast Nevada.

BLM has plans to continue roundup and removal of the wild horses and burros… seeming determined to “manage” them to complete EXTINCTION.


This is so disheartening when the courts make such rulings concerning the lives of the innocent… actually making decisions that mean certain harm to them, and in this case… will mean unspeakable brutality, violence, and trauma to all the horses in every roundup. It is outragous – to say the very least!! 

Everyone needs to keep contacting your Congress people and Representatives, urging them to take a stand in protecting the wild horses and burros in their own wild habitat… as is stated in the law protecting them: Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971

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Federal judge to rule on Nevada wild horse roundup
A federal judge has said he intends to decide Friday whether to grant an  emergency injunction blocking a government roundup of 1,700 wild horses in  eastern Nevada, a move that also could affect other roundups on public rangeland  across the West.

The 1,700 horses targeted for roundup are among about 2,200 that roam a series  of horse management areas covering a total of 1.7 million acres southeast of  Elko and northwest of Ely in northeast Nevada.

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Federal Judge allows for horse gather near Ely

“The Bureau of Land Management plans to remove 1,700 wild horses in eastern Nevada.  But opponents say that violates the Wild and Free-Roaming Wild Horses and Burros act of 1971. “

Watch the video news clip. (Please note: BLM Alan Shepherd LIES! The horses DO NOT damage the water sources or the land.)



COMMENTS NEEDED for Wyoming Wild Horses!

Excerpt from The Cloud Foundation:

With roundup season starting up again, it is imperative, now more than ever, that we all raise our voices in support of our wild horses and burros. BLM is still soliciting comments for their planned roundup in Divide Basin, a larger herd in southern Wyoming near Rock Springs.  We ask that you submit your own comments regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Divide Basin Herd Management Area (HMA). There are gross inadequacies and faulty data utilized in the scope of this EA which will come as no surprise. What is a bit more surprising is the rush to create a non-reproducing herd as an alternative, which is what they want to do to in White Mountain and Little Colorado! If a roundup is conducted this summer, the herd will be reduced to only 415 horses on over 700,000 acres with many of these horses being non-reproducers! The Cloud Foundation’s comments for this EA are available online here. Read on for a sample format! 

COMMENTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED by JUNE 20th before 4:30 PM Mountain Time.  Send by Email to – With “Divide Basin EA Comments” in the subject line.

See Sample letter (but craft into your own words) CLICK HERE.


Meetings / Updates


We watched the streaming of the meeting until they went to break.  The streaming feed seemed to be discontinued at that point.


Below are EXCERPTS from STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S HEART articles and posts with info on the meeting in Phoenix. Be sure to read the conments below the posts.

Breaking News: BLM Annouces that Lack of Funds Translates into No More Wild Horse Roundups for Fiscal Year 2011

Today during opening remarks at the BLM Advisory Board Meeting high ranking agency officials revealed that due to current budget restraints the BLM has canceled all of the summer roundups for fiscal year 2011


Audio Post 

Update:Wild Horse Rally and Press Conference was NOT Streamed Live from Phoenixt

It appears that the Grass Roots Horse Live Stream did NOT occur

We will be livestreaming from Phoenix, AZ March 10 & 11, 2011 beginning with the Press Conference 11:30 am – 12:30 from the Sheraton’s South Room, followed by the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting from 1pm – 5pm.


BLM to Hold Possibly Illegal Meeting in Phoenix With Bogus Trustees

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will sit in judgment of the nation’s wild horse policy in Phoenix for the next two days. But the meeting will be questionable, and possibly illegal, since three board members whose terms expired last July continue to serve at taxpayer expense and an additional board member’s term is clouded by allegations she is head of a sham wildlife advocacy group.


Wild Horse Advocates’ Press Conference Scheduled for Thursday, March 10 in Phoenix 

Phoenix, AZ (March 9, 2011)- Dances with Wolves Author, Michael Blakefilmmaker Ginger Kathrens, artist Laura Leigh, author R.T. Fitch and equine advocate Simone Netherlands will be joined by advocate Madeleine Pickens at the wild horse advocates’ press conference tomorrow. The conference will be followed by the controversial Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Advisory Board Meeting beginning Thursday afternoon. All events will take place at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel (340 N. 3rd street) in Phoenix.


It has been a little while since my last post. Have been dealing with local issues and concerns. But I have been staying current with Straight from the Horses Heart, which is an excellent resource for the most current happenings.

Please “stay tuned” to the blogs and websites recommended in LINKS, and in previous posts. Lots is happening. I will try to catch up with additional links in the next couple days. So buckle up, we will be covering a lot of ground.

One point I want to mention: we need to keep in mind what constitutes animal cruelty, abuse and neglect, whether it’s in regard to wild or domestic horses or other animals.

Having grown up on a farm, and my Dad and Grand Dad both being life-long ranchers, it was probably natural for me to just know to treat animals with kindness and respect, and that the animals are attended to first. Once they have food, water and shelter, THEN we get to go about other things. My brain can NOT grasp how anyone can neglect, abuse, or withold food and water from an animal. That is as foriegn to me as a 12 legged elephant.

Sadly, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and their hired “contractors” (thugs) have no heart or conscience, or, as my Dad would call it “common horse sense”.  They continue senseless brutality and violence against horses, and pregnant mares during the roundup of 1,400 wild horses in Northern Nevada’s Antelope complex. Voices rang out around the world to “STOP hurting the horses?”  Read the article, Click Here.

The continued blatent cruelty to the horses and burros in nothing less than criminal. They KNOW they are harming and traumatizing the horses and have no remorse or concern over it.

Read and view this information documented by Humane Observer, Elyse Gardner at the Indian Lakes Holding Facility – when they knew they were being observed, photographed and filmed. One can be SURE that, after observance was denied, matters could only have gotten worse – if that is even possible.

If these accounts of abuse don’t make you ill with concern for the horses, then you either didn’t read and view the material, or there is a serious lack of heart going on.

An echo of “WHY?” resounds from thousands of activists and advocates who are trying to stop the madness.

The article “The BLM’s Big ‘Fire Sale’ of Our Public Lands” on  the Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog gives insight on the WHY’s, and discusses the detrimental affects. In the following excerpt the question we advocates/activists are all asking:

Why is the BLM perpetuating this disaster?  When will there be a Congressional investigation into the BLM’s mismanagement of our public lands and their cruel eradication of our wild horses, which the BLM is supposed to protect?

 More info



Small herd saved

A small Wild Horse herd in Colorado is saved from BLM’s ominous plans to wipe them out.
BLM – Bureau of Land Management’s reason of “over population” of Wild Horses on Public Lands, and claims of the horses “increasing damage to natural resources” to justify their stepped up pace of roundup-and-removal process just is NOT true.

The West Douglas herd in Colorado has been in jeopardy and narrowily escaping the BLM planned extinction of them since the 1980’s.  

Thankfully, a Judge with integrity, and Animal Rights and Wild Horse advocates have managed to keep BLM from their violent and brutal plans against the herd. Law suits filed in behalf of the Colorado Mustang herd brought attention to their plight.

Advocates will not give up now. This victory is an encouraging step, however there are many more Wild Horse herds to save from BLM’s villanous plans to continue the brutal roundups and removal of all the Wild horses and burros.

That is UNACCEPTABLE! And Wild Horse and Burro advocates will not rest until all are considered truely safe from the

Message to BLM

Let me direct your attention to “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” for insight on the subject of wild horse roundup and removal.  Title of the article: “Recognized Wild Horse Expert Adds More to Obama’s BLM Dunce List” / . Sub-title: “BLM’s Lack of Equine Understanding is Stunning”.  Wildlife Ecologist’s email message makes it crystal clear to BLM. But one wonders if they will get it, considering they go on with the abuse, claiming they have done no wrong. 

Note the photo titled “BLM’s Renegade Pilot Flying Crazy at Antelope Stampede – Photo by Laura Leigh”.  A picture is worth a thousand words. 

There are volumes of photos by now, documenting the un called for abuse. So, why are they not being prosecuted?

Seems like we need to call in all the Wild Horse and Burro advocates to decend on D.C. and press the issue to get the mayhem to stop.


Pilot arrogance

While most of the country watched Super bowl, BLM’s contract helicopter horse-chaser defies warning to take it easy (stop abuses).  See the story on “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”..Wild Horses Still Under Attack from Obama’s Renegade BLM Helicopter Pilot – CLICK HERE to read the entire article on “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” weblog.

Photos posted on Grassroots  bear witness to the atrocities BLM’s rogue helicopter pilot does when he thinks no one is watching (such as, ramming terrified and exhausted horses with skids of helicopter).  It’s more photos to verify the abuses, adding to the mounting proof, taken by several photographers on numerous occasions. Let’s see if BLM, or at least the pilot, will be charged for their crimes, penalized, or even stopped.

On the same blog, scroll down the page to “Litchfield Foals 2010” to see dozens of photos of foals who were crippled by the brutal stampede for many miles across rocky, frozen terrain, wearing their soft hoof off, and probably damaging the developing bones of their legs and backs. CLICK HERE to view on YouTube.

Photos and video are done against the will of BLM. They go to great lengths to prevent witnesses who may let the public (and the authorities) know what is really going on.. all the brutality, abuse and trauma suffered by the defenseless wild horses, at the hands of BLM – who is supposed to be PROTECTING them.


Endangered Wild Horses

The continued, strategic destruction of the Wild Horse and Burros is completely unjustified.  We must stand together to STOP the crimes against the innocent.

GET INVOLVED! Respect 4 Horses

For starters, here are a few places to read text and view video. These will be a start to get you up to speed on what has been going on for a few years. (Some of the YouTube videos may include graphic, disturbing images,  not recommended for children. Other clips are safe for all viewers. I will try to show a G Rating for the ones suitable for children and other sensative viewers. If not indicated, please preview before allowing child viewers. 

FIRST, here are a couple nice, mellow pieces. I always like to come back to these after viewing the more harsh realities to ease the stress and grief I feel for the horses.

“The Mustang Horse, ‘A free-roaming feral horse of the American Southwest’ “ – this is the closing scene of movie Hidalgo, with beautiful images of horses in freedom, and the man setting his horse free to go with the rest of the wild horses. G Rated. Nice, mellow.


“Mustangs”. Music slide show, pretty images of wild horses. Brian Adams sings “This is Where I Belong”.  G Rated. Nice, mellow.


“Saving our Wild Horses” (Must see. But VERY disturbing images in last half of video.. PG rated. Shows and song tells what the horses suffer during and after their capture.)

“Save the Wild Horses”  This one is NOT in English but has strong images to tell the story. Stampeded for hours, captured and removed from their spacious home lands with more than ample food, and crammed into close quarters where their feed has to be bought and trucked in for them.

Madeleine Pickens: For the Wild Horses on CNN   (Also read thru the comments under each article. That will give more insight and history of the subject and many important contact email, phone numbers and snail mail to help in the cause. There are many links on “Straight from the Horses Heart” and other pages too. They have things to do, who to contact, and how to help pressure the current administration to put a stop to these atrocities.)