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Extinction – Wild Horses

U.S. Govt. Managing Wild Horses to Extinction. 

Year after torturous year it continues. Even though the LAW is supposed to PROTECT them, BLM’s malicious targeting of the American Wild and Free-roaming Horses and Burros is one of the most horrific assaults on innocent living beings carried out by U.S. government SINCE the attempted annihilation of the Native Indigenous Tribes of North America! The similarities are chilling!

The government ‘s determination to drive to extinction the wild horses and burros just never stops. It cuts to the core of American values by decimating the icon that so strongly symbolizes the spirit of America – that of strength, survival, freedom, excellence, and persistent determination.

Despite millions of phone calls, messages, emails, petition signatures, letters, demonstrations, protests, and personal attendance to meetings – by concerned people the world over, imploring BLM to STOP their deliberate, systematic crimes against the wild horses and burros, yet BLM forges ahead, without the slightest twinge of conscience, and lacking even the smallest hint of compassion or decency. They continue to purposely use heartless and brutal methods, and they do this over and over, round up after torturous roundup, year after year… and they are NEVER held accountable for their crimes!!

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STOP torture for profit

There is no justification for inflicting sadism and torture on the innocent and powerless. And to PROFIT from it is beyond CRIMINAL… It is EVIL personified!! 

Referenced on Straight from the Horses Heart article: “Horse Slaughter Promoter Destroys Self on Public Radio with Defamatory Rant and Hang-Up“ 

Below is my editorial response to the “Press Release” published in April Issue of Horseback Magazine, dated March 30, 2012.. titled:

Pro Slaughter’s Sue Wallis Claims Ambush on NPR Station – Hangs Up on Interview and Blasts Guests in Press Release


Suffered brain explosion upon reading the “press release” – which was NOT meant as an honest announcement of facts but cunningly designed to mislead, deceive and push their own barbaric agenda of horse slaughter. (Truthful overview of the interview / PBS radio show in which Ms Wallis ranted, blamed and outright lied – CLICK HERE. Be sure to read comments under articles.) 

In the recent years since first learning about Sue Wallis and her campaign she calls “humane treatment of horses” – which is instead the most sadistic and horrifically brutal and violent methods on earth, (and her relentless push in order to profit from it), the entire thing has made me heart-sick and flares my defenses which were sparked at an early age.

My father and his father were ranchers all their lives, with a special care and interest in horses. My grandfather was a renowned “horse vet” and trainer in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Although I didn’t know Grand-Dad very well, as he passed away when I was young, many say I have his “special way” with animals, and horses in particular.

The first memory of my own efforts for animal advocacy was at the tender age of 5 years, when my family attended a popular rodeo in our area. My young eyes witnessed the rough treatment of the horses, calves, steers and Brahma bulls and I started screaming, “Stop hurting them!” All the “shushing” and explanation did nothing to calm or convince me. Still screaming, and fighting to escape the arms of my parents so I could personally get down there and make the cruelty STOP, I was carried out and have never seen animals in the same way again. Ever since, I’ve been committed to stand in the gap to stop and prevent the mistreatment, abuse and neglect of the innocent and the powerless.

It is through this perspective that I see Ms Wallis as a predator, and she admits that her “interest” in horses is to send them to slaughter and make a healthy profit for herself. The innocent heart of a 5 year old, uncorrupted by greed and hate, rises up in me, causing me to try to put myself in-between the predator and the innocent, defenseless victims.

I will never stop advocating for the innocent victims of this world, until I draw my last breath. Life is NOT about how much money and possessions you can gather for yourself no matter who you have to harm and torture to get it. NO! Real life is about living so as to cause as little harm as possible and in that time, to help, comfort and encourage those who are downtrodden, broken, and have no voice to protect themselves.

In conclusion: There is no justification for inflicting sadism and torture on the innocent and powerless. And to PROFIT from it is beyond CRIMINAL. It is EVIL personified!! Torture for profit MUST STOP!! Horse slaughter MUST STOP!!

by Sue Charles
Copyright 4-2-2012