The slaughter of horses HAS to STOP – whether domestic or free, whether for human consumption or not.  BLM is resorting to great lengths in their efforts to completely do away with the Wild Horse and Burro Herds – which they are supposed to PROTECT!

Please review the info on the links provided here, and others you may find … then if you would PLEASE SIGN the PETITION using the online form, and send it. For best results it is better to send email AND make a copy to MAIL directly to the representative. A strongly worded personal note may be added to the end of the petition.

The Congressional Appeal video with Ginger Katherines.

On Respect 4 you will see several text and video info pieces that are good info-resources.

Tell your Senators : Support Burton Amendment to Reduce Funding for BLM’s Wild Horse Roundups. See the page on American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Action plan to help END horse slaughter for human consumption. Click Here for info: “2 Minutes to Help End Horse Slaughter”.


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