Cloud’s Herd

Ginger posted her Update on Cloud’s Herd – March 2011  in text and photos. It’s so nice to read down through the narrative, hearing about their trip and discoveries. Click Here.

View beautiful photos from previous visits, on Cloud the Stallion’s FB page, Click Here.  

There are many other new developments. Among them is, it seems clear that – whatever BLM may say at times, it is doubtful they have given up their evil plans to do everything in their out-of-control power to eliminate every single trace of the beautiful wild horses and burros.

So, the fight is far from over.

We who care about keeping the wild horses safe and free must continue, and even re-double our efforts if we are to make a difference for good – for the wild horses and burros of the Americas, and for the American Spirit of Freedom that is alive in the wild horses and burros. 

Information resources:   

Congressional Appeal to Halt the Roundups

The Cloud Foundation

Crow Elder / Historian Speaks Against Round up of Cloud’s Herd

Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Habitat for Horses Advisory Council

American Wild Horse Preservation

Saving the American Wild Horse

Film: Wild Horses and Renegades Trailer

Respect 4 Horses

Simone Netherlands – Anti-slaughter TV interview

Tuesday’s Horse

Wild Hoofbeats

Wild Horse Education

American Indian people for Wild Horses – FB page

Sign the PETITION to Stop slaughter of horses for human consumption



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