Advocates talk back to BLM

Wild horse advocates took on the seemingly invincable BLM – Bureau of Land Management, who have made it their goal to get rid of all wild horses and burros in the most brutal and violent ways.  

An opportunity was given for advocates to voice concerns, during BLM meetings in Phoenix, March 9, 10, 11 of 2011. Key people in the growing pool of advocates attended AND  spoke to Make A Difference! Meeting was at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.

Advocates / activists appeared and expressed the concerns of thousands of like minded people who are fighting – in our own various ways – to SAVE the Wild Horses and Burros from the most dreadful plight – falling prey to BLM and their hired-thug, horse and burro abusers and killers.  We all have done everything we knew possible to stand in the gap for the wild spirits and prayed for a “break” so more could be done to STOP the rampage of brutality and death. In fact, the wild horses and buros are protected by law – supposed to be. But the fox was put in charge of the hen house, so to speak.

SPECIAL THANKS to all who attended the Advisory Board Public Meeting, and especially those who spoke, and challenged the erronous data and the brutal methods used by BLM, an offered some potential ways to better “manage” the remaining wild horses and burros. 

Among the highly qualified, respected and  knowledgable advocates to speak were: R.T. Fitch of Habitat for Horses, Simone Netherands of Respect 4 Horses, Deniz Bolbol of American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Jill Buckley of ASPCA, Elyse Gardner – Humane Observer , and Laura Leigh of Grass Roots Horse

Read more on the following links on the following sites:

Straight from the Horse’s Heart , , Grassroots Horse – Herd Watch Amerian Wild Horse Preservation Campaign ,  


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