Speak up for the Wild Horses

The Wild Horses and Burros NEED ALL of us to SPEAK UP, to go, to call, to write letters, to say prayers.

So many are still at risk. It’s going to take a concentrated effort by all to see all the remaining Wild Horses and Burros saved from BLM’s plan to “manage” them into extinction.

Under pressure, BLM is to “reconsider” their brutal and reckless tactics and “take comprehensive look” at their wild horse “management” in certain areas.

We recently made some headway, when BLM was stopped in their plans to “Zero Out” the small West Douglas Herd in Colorado. Thanks to all the advocates who took on the powerful, out of control government agency, this was a good success. But there is more work to do if we are to save the lives of the remaining Wild Horses and Burros, whether the 28,000 to 30,000 still in the wild, or the 40,000 held in torturous captivity.

National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board two-day meeting in Phoenix Arizona, March 10-11. It is a BLM forum for discussion of a “new strategy” for the wild horses and burros.  It is needed for as many Wild Horse and Burro Advocates as can, to go in behalf of the horses and burros, for the only voice they have, is ours.  Read this page on Cloud Foundation Blog (click here) for more info, and a game plan.

All who can not attend are needed to send e-comments through the BLM website.  A Sample form is on Cloud Foundation website. (click here).  

All who can attend the BLM meeting where the public can present a defense in bahalf of the Wild Horses and Burros – please attend and make a difference for good.

Meeting Location:  Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel , 340 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Public comments held on Friday, March 11, from 9 AM to 12 PM. Those who wish to speak must arrive by 8:30 AM to register, and per BLM “must provide a written statement of the comments, which may be brought to the meeting.”  BLM’s notice of the meeting – Click Here.


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