Small herd saved

A small Wild Horse herd in Colorado is saved from BLM’s ominous plans to wipe them out.
BLM – Bureau of Land Management’s reason of “over population” of Wild Horses on Public Lands, and claims of the horses “increasing damage to natural resources” to justify their stepped up pace of roundup-and-removal process just is NOT true.

The West Douglas herd in Colorado has been in jeopardy and narrowily escaping the BLM planned extinction of them since the 1980’s.  

Thankfully, a Judge with integrity, and Animal Rights and Wild Horse advocates have managed to keep BLM from their violent and brutal plans against the herd. Law suits filed in behalf of the Colorado Mustang herd brought attention to their plight.

Advocates will not give up now. This victory is an encouraging step, however there are many more Wild Horse herds to save from BLM’s villanous plans to continue the brutal roundups and removal of all the Wild horses and burros.

That is UNACCEPTABLE! And Wild Horse and Burro advocates will not rest until all are considered truely safe from the


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