Desperate leap

See the photo on Grass Roots Horse HERD WATCH. Top photo where the horse, desperate to reunite with his family, flings himself over the high baracade-fence.

Second photo. Reckless contractor dangles cigarette from lips, directly over a partial bale of dry hay.

Fouth photo. Horse clearly wounded on face. Note how tightly they are packed into the capture pen/holding pet. They have been packed in there for a week. And they are planning to roundup MORE horses. Harsh weather will prevent transport of the ones they already have.

LET THEM GO… There is no need to continue rounding up and removing horses and burros. There are MORE horses warehoused in permanent (inadequate care) holding pens than there are in the wild. Yet they are on the fast track to get rid of ALL the wild horses.

These roundups and removals are so disturbing to us! How critically traumatic is must be for the horses:  torn from their home in a most brutal, terror ridden method, and torn from their family, crammed into pens, without space to move without pushing another horse over.  Their need for water and food seriously disregarded, and constantly in peril from both their captors and the eliments.


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