Abuse goes unchecked

When I fuss and worry about mistreated, neglected, abused animals, who are at the mercy of the (idiot) humans who are SUPPOSED to be protecting and caring for them… people tell me, “Just never mind! It’s Not your concern!”

I disagree! Isn’t it up to anyone who knows about neglect or abuse to get help for them, and make the abuse stop.  If we  ignore it, and don’t get help for the victim, then we are guilty of allowing the abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. There are ways to help! There are advocates. There are foundations specific to certain animals.

Regarding the brutal round up and removal of the Wild Horses and Burros, at the hands of BLM and their thug contractors:

The contractors get $350 per horse they capture. Doesn’t matter what shape they are in when they arrive. As we have seen in the photos and videos.. in the process of roundups, many are run to death, babies hoofs are literally run off, mares aborting, some horses suffering gunshot wounds, and all are terrorized for hours.

Congress won’t step in and do the right thing and contractors don’t care how terribly they treat the wild horses and burros. They make sport of chasing them at close range with the helicopter, causing the horses and burros the greatest fright, trauma, and terror during the  round up. They ram the terrified animals with the helicopter skids, again and again and again. Every part of that terror and brutality is completely UN-called for.

Once in the capture pens, the horses and burros don’t have even the most basic needs met… a chance to drink water or rest a before being crammed into huge transport trucks and hauled for hours and hours to a “holding facility”.

At the holding facility, they may or may not get a chance to rest and have water. They certainly are not re-united with their family units, so they are stressing and grieving those losses, as well as suffering agony from all the terror, and stampeding they have been through.  A relatively small number are “adopted”. But, sadly, most will spend the remainder of their days in inadequate holding pens with far less than adequate care.

Countless numbers never even get out of the capture pens alive. They either die of trauma, broken neck, or exhaustion. Many others are shot for one “reason” or another. The dead are dumped in huge trenches with other innocent victims. Hundreds of other, maybe thousands of others were shipped off to be sold for slaughter. I wonder Who made the profit on those?

All of what the horses and burros endure in the brutal roundup, removal, and warhousing is completely UN-necessary violence and abuse.  All of this negligence, terror and abuse is paid for by tax dollars. MILLIONS of tax dollars!

By law, BLM is supposed to be PROTECTING the wild horses and burros. We see in the videos and photos, it’s the opposite of protection.  It is deliberate violence. Imagine what happens when  cameras are not present to document the brutalities.

The systematic removal of the wild horses and burros from their home territories and from their families MUST STOP!  

BLM and their cronies MUST be held accountable.

We must ALL take action to help SAVE the WILD HORSES and BURROS.

Read the material. View the photos and videos. Read the comments. Be informed. Tell others. Get involved. If we were in such dire straights, wouldn’t we want someone to advocate for us. Yes, we would. And their very lives DEPEND on it.

Grass Roots Horse.com HERD WATCH has valuable information. Click Here.. 

Straight from the Horses Heart is a valuable resource. Click here..



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