Idaho roundup

The images on this video show graphic scenes including unnecessary harrassment and violence against the wild horses during Challis, Idaho roundup. (I promised my friend in Idaho I’d post this video when I found it again.)

Why do they think they have to physically attack the horses with the helicopter skids? That is deliberate and undue harrassment. Also, the fact they drove the horses hard, mile after agonizing mile, fearing for their lives.

Naturally, since they (BLM) claim “overpopulation” the horses are removed from their freedom on spacious thousands-of-acres of land, and crammed them into crouded holding pens…  as if that is better for them. What are those guys smoking that curdles their brains so much as to believe that small, inadequate holding pens for the rest of their lives is better than freedom, staying with their family, and the spacious, endless land and beautiful surroundings.  

Action Info: Wild Horse Preservation

Read the comments below the video clip…


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