2% of America…

Posted on Straight from the Horse’s Heart, the article: 2 % of America; for the Ones on whose backs We Settles it n the First Place” is an honest evaluation of the Wild Horse situation. Narrative and photos. It’s worth the read.  Insightful and informative text and appealing photos of Wild Horses.  http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/2-of-america-for-the-ones-on-whose-backs-we-settled-it-in-the-first-place/

Of the 245 MILLION acres of Federal land where horses are supposed to have free range, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) re-allocated 134 MILLION acres specifically for cattle – with no horses allowed. (WHAT is that all about??) But still, with the horses still having 111 MILLION acres… that is more than ample, giving each horse several hundred acres. Why then does BLM claim there is over population of horses.  Cattle out-number the horses by several thousand and BLM doesn’t claim thy are over populated. .

Quote from the article:

What is really scary is that it is not just our horses that are at stake. It is our wildlife, our water streams, lakes and groundwater, ecosystems, nature etc. Just like the rainforests of the world are being destroyed for their resources, so is the BLM selling our public lands for its minerals, natural gas, forage and don’t forget, water. The BLM is well on their way to turning America’s beautiful pristine wildernesses into giant filthy cattle farms scattered with mining pits, water extraction and gas pipelines. 

The facts in this article are well worth the read.

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