Roundup a Disaster

GREED – the driving force behind BLM (Bureau of Land Management) roundup and removal of all wild horses. It HAS to Stop!

They use brutal methods, helicopter driving the horses relentlessly in dead of winter over steep rocky slopes, doubling them back, needlessly runing them over the same ground again and again. What is worse, they are either completely stupid, or they are taking delight in their the terror and agony the horses are suffering.

The whole deal is completely unjustified.  

Read the article “Antelope Roundup a Disaster for Wild Horses”.  View the links below the article for photos, video clips, news mentions. Then get involved. Share the pages on social media. Send emails. Tell people. Call on friends to take up the banner to save the vanishing Wild Horses.

Considering the fact that, even with all the thousands of people demanding BLM accountability, and all the media coverage showing the atrocities going on… they still continue. It’s going to take more people making more effort to prevent the total extinction of the wild horses. We don’t have much time. There are more being rounded up, injured and killed every day.  

 Together, let’s STOP the man-made disaster… the holocaust against the innocent, defenseless Wild Horses.

At this time, over 40,000 wild horses are held in captivity, in government holding pens. Less thank 20,000 horses remain in freedom, with BLM plotting to capture them all. 

If things were reversed, the horses would go all out to stop the madness and save our lives.  We have to go all out and save all the remaining Wild Horses and Burros.

More Info on Grass Roots See the photos and stories.

More Info on Grass Roots Horse, HERD WATCH for updates/photos.

More Info: Action Alert on Facebook – contact Congress sand Senators. Sample message.

Info and contacts info on BLM site. (Beware the propaganda they use. There is volumes of video and photo documentation to prove they do not abide by their own mandates to refrain from harming, harassing, stressing or abusing the horses.

Insight, view the video (keep a box of tissues close-by). Cloud Foundation Releases Video of Obama’s BLM Attack on Wild Horses. This, and the other mounting evidence of BLM heartless actions and abuse of Wild Horses is crushing and sickening. We must ALL act to STOP the continued mahiem.  

A piece of good news. Follow the story on Wild Hoofbeats Blog. Scroll down, then read/view the previous posts/photos upward to follow the story.

View the video of Madeleine Pickens on CNN, telling how she is working to help preserve the Wild Horses, but gets denied by BLM.


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