Pilot arrogance

While most of the country watched Super bowl, BLM’s contract helicopter horse-chaser defies warning to take it easy (stop abuses).  See the story on “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”..Wild Horses Still Under Attack from Obama’s Renegade BLM Helicopter Pilot – CLICK HERE to read the entire article on “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” weblog.

Photos posted on Grassroots Horse.com  bear witness to the atrocities BLM’s rogue helicopter pilot does when he thinks no one is watching (such as, ramming terrified and exhausted horses with skids of helicopter).  It’s more photos to verify the abuses, adding to the mounting proof, taken by several photographers on numerous occasions. Let’s see if BLM, or at least the pilot, will be charged for their crimes, penalized, or even stopped.

On the same blog, scroll down the page to “Litchfield Foals 2010” to see dozens of photos of foals who were crippled by the brutal stampede for many miles across rocky, frozen terrain, wearing their soft hoof off, and probably damaging the developing bones of their legs and backs. CLICK HERE to view on YouTube.

Photos and video are done against the will of BLM. They go to great lengths to prevent witnesses who may let the public (and the authorities) know what is really going on.. all the brutality, abuse and trauma suffered by the defenseless wild horses, at the hands of BLM – who is supposed to be PROTECTING them.



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