Message to BLM

Let me direct your attention to “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” for insight on the subject of wild horse roundup and removal.  Title of the article: “Recognized Wild Horse Expert Adds More to Obama’s BLM Dunce List” / . Sub-title: “BLM’s Lack of Equine Understanding is Stunning”.  Wildlife Ecologist’s email message makes it crystal clear to BLM. But one wonders if they will get it, considering they go on with the abuse, claiming they have done no wrong. 

Note the photo titled “BLM’s Renegade Pilot Flying Crazy at Antelope Stampede – Photo by Laura Leigh”.  A picture is worth a thousand words. 

There are volumes of photos by now, documenting the un called for abuse. So, why are they not being prosecuted?

Seems like we need to call in all the Wild Horse and Burro advocates to decend on D.C. and press the issue to get the mayhem to stop.



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